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Our mission: Supports you in your energy transition

AIT-STEIN imagines, designs, manufactures and installs turnkey energy optimisation and recovery units.

Today, AIT-STEIN is your exclusive partner for comprehensive management of the entire value chain, from combustion equipment to flue gas treatment, including of course, all the equipment necessary for calorie transfer.

Our teams can accompany you right from the initial discussion phase. By studying energy optimisation possibilities, and by setting up processes that produce steam, the electricity and superheated water required to supply your manufacturing processes, we can you reduce your operating costs and your carbon emissions.

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Energy innovation
as expertise

At each stage of your project, engineers, experts and specialised technicians innovate to optimise your energy sources using end-to-end, environmentally friendly solutions. A long-standing mindset that today makes it possible for AIT-STEIN to accompany you in your energy transition.

This technical expertise in energy recovery and reclamation, heat exchange and flue gas treatment is the result of know-how acquired by reputed companies over the last 100 years. It is the alliance of these different brands, leaders in their respective fields, that enables AIT-STEIN to offer you comprehensive, tailor-made and technological solutions to reduce your carbon emissions and reduce your environmental impact.

Creating added value

The stakes are high: it is necessary to create added value, which is precious at a time when the move towards zero carbon is becoming an economic and environmental priority. As stated by ADEME (Agency for Ecological Transition), “the recovery and use of waste heat from industry represents an energy-saving potential that should be exploited”. For example, when a furnace is operating, only 20-40% of the energy of the fuel used contributes useful heat. This leaves 60-80% of the waste heat that can be potentially recovered. If overall French emissions fell by 15% between 1990 and 2017, the Ministry of Ecological and Social Transition points out that “this decrease is due in particular to energy savings and improved efficiency of industrial boilers”.

Ambassador for French industry

AIT-STEIN’s recognised technical expertise in energy transition makes it a driving force in French industry today. By joining the French Fab in January 2018, AIT-STEIN has taken to heart its role in promoting French industrial excellence. The group’s history originates in France and continues to be written with French and European manufacturing know-how. This insistence on quality ensures full and reliable control of its installations.

Innovating to add value to your energy sources through expert, environmentally friendly solutions.

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Producing energy and reducing your carbon emissions

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Benchmark partner:

From its origins in 1928 and its creation by the Pont-à-Mousson group, AIT-STEIN has constantly strived to develop equipment, then heat exchange systems, in order to optimise energy in industrial processes.

AIT-STEIN brands to date:

Air Industrie Transition (AIT): a solutions provider which, thanks to its industrial experience, integrates the equipment of other entities in the creation of expert solutions, in order to help manufacturers reduce their energy and environmental impact.

COMECO: European manufacturer and specialist in steel-cast iron economisers, as well as equipment that withstands the most corrosive conditions at low temperatures.

Brown Fintube France Energy (BFF): manufacturer and specialist in heat exchangers for high pressure and high temperature processes.

Stein Energy Boilers (SEY): French specialist in the manufacture of industrial boilers with very high efficiencies and emission levels that are below regulatory value.

SCAM: manufacturer and specialist in refrigerants for rotating machines dedicated to the production of hydroelectricity and nuclear power.

LOREATT : specialist in radiant heat exchangers for very high temperatures up to 1,500°C .

France Thermique Environnement (FTE): specialist in the design and installation of industrial burners with high efficiency and low environmental emissions.

We act as experts in energy recovery in the sectors of:

  • industry;
  • environment;
  • energy.


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