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Producing energy and reducing your carbon emissions

AIT-STEIN‘s expertise enables it to provide tailor-made energy production solutions for industrial companies and local authorities. It offers a very wide range of heat or steam production systems (solar, biomass, cogeneration, etc.) which guarantees industrialists and local authorities methodical energy management and optimisation of their thermal installations, while also reducing their carbon emissions.

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Energy at the heart of the solutions

In an economy that is moving towards zero carbon, energy is both the starting point and the solution. AIT-STEIN imagines and helps to design high-performance solutions adapted to your energy needs. It is thanks to AIT-STEIN‘s tailor-made solutions, which allow you to produce green energy, that you are able to reduce your CO2 impact.

The support of a tailor-made


AIT-STEIN provides studies and value-added services for industry and engineering. Our teams are involved as partners throughout the customer’s value chain, from design to operation, as well as in the maintenance of installed equipment and systems.


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