Our Talents

Joining AIT-STEIN means working for the zero-carbon economy

AIT-STEIN operates in the energy transition sector, a driver of exciting developments for tomorrow’s industry and society as a whole. Therefore, joining AIT-STEIN means becoming a part of this transformation. It also means committing to the values that guide our way of working, our strategic choices, our daily actions, and the relationships we build with our partners.
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All our employees are supported and accompanied; they are actors in their own career and contribute to the group’s performance. The success of the strategic plan is an obvious consequence of talent management, positioned at all levels of the company.

Our objective is to provide each individual with the opportunity of developing their creativity and expressing their talent, individually and collectively, for our partners, both clients and suppliers.

Our HR commitments

1 – Your health & safety:

As a major player in the zero-carbon economy, we attach extreme importance to prevention and safety for our employees. We have implemented a rigorous certification programme in the areas of quality, health and safety at work.


2 – Your talent:

As one of the major focuses of our HR commitment, we are working to identify and retain our talent through an employee loyalty programme.

3 – Your mobility:

The group’s different sites, coupled with proactive employee management, makes it possible for us to successfully run an attractive and inclusive mobility programme.

4 – Your handicap:

We adhere to the principles of non-discrimination in employment as part of our recruitment programme, equal opportunities in terms of career development and mobility, and we are committed to using adapted employment agencies.

Our professions

Management, recruitment, sales, design… at AIT-STEIN, we have the job for you.
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