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Corporate social responsibility of AIT-STEIN

Environmental impact


AIT-STEIN is committed to a voluntary approach in reducing its environmental impact.
This is why we obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2018. Validated by third party organisations and recognised worldwide, it is a guarantee of internal and external confidence.
This commitment has enabled us to involve our entire organisation and our stakeholders in reducing our environmental impact.

Today, AIT-STEIN is in partnership with industrialists who wish to:
– reduce their carbon footprint;
– optimise their energy consumption;
– act fin favour of the environment while also improving their profitability.

Thinking green is part of the group’s daily routine. We make sure that we continue to progress in terms of both organisation and technology, to ensure that reducing our environmental impact and that of our customers remains our leitmotif.


The three pillars:



In all its entities, AIT-STEIN pursues a Quality, Safety and Environment policy that meets client expectations and respects its employees. Our genuine proactive approach is based on safety, health and environmental concerns, in line with our insistence for technical prowess on a daily basis. In addition to ensuring product and service conformity, the group’s QSE policy provides our clients with the guarantee of ambitious and resolutely CSR-oriented commitment.

Today, in terms of QSE, we not just listening to the market, we are ahead of the game. We never stop anticipating our customers’ expectations and have been doing so for many, many years

Stéphane Paumelle

Group QHSE Manager

Group Quality Health Safety and Environment Manager