Vertical Bayonet Vaporizers :Technology based on years of innovation, expertise and experience.

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Published the 27 April 2022
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Brown Fintube France had already delivered eight of ten vertical vaporiser heat exchangers to Marjan Oil Field Development ( KSA). This contract was awarded in 2020 by an EPC.

Technology based on years of innovation, expertise and experience.

One of Brown Fintube France strengths lies in the know-how and capacity of our ENGINEERING team to imagine and design optimal, complete and tailor-made heat exchangers.

For this project, we have customized three Vertical Bayonet Vaporizersto meet with the highly specific and unique requirements of our client.

Vertical Bayonet Vaporizers (BHM) play a crucial role in chemical evaporation systems in Refineries due to their efficiency and versatility.

Our Vertical Bayonet Vaporizers present high added value in the evaporation process in numerous applications as: Ammonia, Propylene/Butene,C3-C6 Hydrocarbons, Carbon Dioxid, Silicon Tetrachloride, LPG Fluids, Methanol/Ethanol, Chlorine Vaporizers, Sulfur Dioxide, etc.

The main advantages of the use of our Vertical Bayonet Vaporizers:

✔️ Simplicity of control (shellside boiling fluid level will rise or fall to continuously match demand)

✔️ Unlimited turn down

✔️ Gas superheating using baffled top section

✔️ No mechanical stresses due to thermal expansion (bayonet design)

✔️ Small footprint



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