The AIT-STEIN group is supporting Veolia in the modernization of Auréade, its waste-to-energy unit in La Veuve (51).

Published the 11 March 2022
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Veolia entrusts our group AIT-STEIN with its project of compliance of the flue gas treatment and energy improvement of its “La Veuve” waste recovery unit.

Our group relies on the skills of its various entities AIT (Air Industrie Thermique), DEFISA and the COMECO brand to meet the expectations of its client Veolia.

✓ The unit, after renovation, will meet the latest Bref on waste incineration (80 mg/Nm3 with possible scalability to 50 mg/Nm3).

✓ Up to 19 thermal MW delivered to significantly reduce their energy bills split between:

📍 The Urban Heat Network of Châlons-en-Champagne.

📍 The industrial site of LUZEAL.

AIT-STEIN provides a complete solution that meets the two key challenges of our client Veolia: reducing its environmental impactand recovering its waste energy.

Our group assists its customers in improving the efficiency of their incineration process while ensuring better control of emissions into the environment.

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