SCAM, a brand of the AIT-STEIN group, is an expert in the design and manufacture of air coolers for nuclear plants.

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Published the 26 January 2022
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We have worked for various nuclear power plants on the design and manufacture of air coolers. French nuclear power plants are required to ensure that their operation is carried out in optimal safety conditions by means of provisions at all levels. The purpose of these very strict conditions is to protect the population and the environment in all circumstances against a possible dispersion of radioactive products. We support the players in this sector in strengthening their security.

In this case, the role of our air coolers is to lower the temperature of the cooling liquid of the Diesel Ultime Secours generators. Indeed, in order not to rise to temperatures beyond the optimal conditions and continue to function, they must be cooled. We had been mandated in 2012 by a company dedicated to the industry to supply about thirty air cooler assemblies for several nuclear plants.

The thirty or so air coolers were designed and qualified by AIT (Air Industrie Thermique, part of our AIT-STEIN group), which represents no less than 224km of exchange tubes in total!

Several entities of the group participated in this project, BFF(Brown Fintube France SA) being in particular involved in this large-scale project for the manufacture of all the connecting pipes.


SCAM air cooler


The conditions of use impose a qualification of the equipment, which means that they are able to fulfill their functions under accidental solicitations (irradiation, pressure, extreme temperatures and winds, humidity…) or in front of earthquakes. A requirement of our customer’s specifications that our group can meet. We are competent and sized to design and manufacture this type of equipment in-house, requiring specific requirements and qualifications, and we have thus been contributing to French know-how in the nuclear field for several decades.


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