Design of a double-stage heat recuperator by radiation for a fiberglass manufacturer in Europe.

Johns Manville Slovakia, a.s.
Published the 14 December 2021
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The subsidiary of our AIT-STEIN group, Air Industrie Thermique (AIT), designed and built a double-stage radiation recuperator for Johns Manville, specialized in the manufacture of fiberglass in Trnava (Slovakia). This heat recovery equipment, designed by our teams to meet the customer’s process needs while respecting site installation constraints, will be installed on the combustion gas outlet of an oxy-combustion glass furnace.

Our group, a player in the energy transition, offers solutions to recover the energy contained in gaseous effluents from industrial facilities and transfer it to gas or liquid networks. The recovery of this fatal heat is a major strategic issue for our customers.

Equipment plan

Design and conception: proven know-how.

This double stage of the heat recuperator is composed of a cage recuperator (1st floor) combined with a double envelope recuperator (2nd floor). The combination of these 2 technologies makes it possible to work on very high temperature fumes and to maximize the amount of energy recovered. Our know-how in glassmaking allows us to design viable solutions adapted to the continuous operation of glass furnaces, while anticipating the problems of fouling and corrosion generated by the fumes from the furnace.



Equipment plan

The operation of our double-stage heat recuperator by radiation.

The experience of our teams on this project makes it possible to meet the requirements of our client who will be able to obtain, thanks to ourturnkey solution, air heated to 550 ° C which will supply its dryers. The fumes from the furnace are cooled to about 560 ° C. A dilution air system, downstream of the exchanger, lowers the fumes to 400 °C which makes possible to treat by the existing electrostatic precipitator.

Thanks to the implementation of our energy recovery solution, our client improves its financial profitability and optimizes its performance.

The main challenges in the design and manufacture of this type of exchanger are to combinethermal constraints (high temperature fumes), mechanical constraints (ensuring the reliability of the appliance throughout the life of the furnace, from 10 to 20 years), and long-term thermal performance (fouling fumes).

In this project, there was added the need to design an exchanger to be installed in place of an existing device, limiting structural modifications, while increasing energy recovery capacities



Challenge faced, our solution meets the specifications of our client and will adapt perfectly in its industrial process.

For this project, we are also proud to have had the support of our partner, PKI, who carried out part of the manufacturing and installation on site under the supervision of AIT-STEIN Group.



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