COVID-19 | Our commitment

Published the 18 March 2020



Rueil-Malmaison, 18 March 2020

Dear Clients and Partners,

Pursuant to the decisions of the French Government and the President, we would like to inform you of the exceptional measures we have taken within our group to minimize the impact of this pandemic on our activities.

Our primary concern is, of course, the health and safety of all our colleagues, and our customers and partners.

As part of our duty of care, the management of all our entities is mobilised to review the situation with the teams on a daily basis and to ensure close monitoring of all activities.

In addition, we have implemented a continuity plan that can and will evolve according to the changes to be made, or if the situation so requires:

• All your contacts can be reached by telephone and by e-mail.

• The different services (design office, administration, human resources, production, finance, purchasing and quality) are working from home collaboratively,

• All work in progress has been halted and will be resumed at a later date; depending on possible resumption dates, we will make a precise point with each of our customers and subcontracting partners in order to minimise inevitable overloads if they were to restart at the same time. Regarding the duration of the confinement, we will trigger paid leave or partial unemployment for our supervisors,

• We are monitoring the supply chain of all our products, both internally and externally. As you know, we prefer to manufacture in France, but it appears that material deliveries are becoming increasingly scarce. We will give you a more precise update at the end of the week,

• Of course, our project and sales teams cannot travel. The communication tools at our disposal, mainly skype, are the preferred option,

• Our network and system sub-contractor is on the alert to avoid any problems in this regard

What is occurring now is unprecedented and each day can bring new situations to deal with. We will stay attentive to any changes that may occur, remaining both flexible and professional for the benefit of all.

All the staff at Air Industrie Thermique remain at your disposal for any further information. Protect your families and do not hesitate to contact me if necessary,

Best regards,

Philippe Granié

Deputy Managing Director


Download the pdf:

COVID-19 | Our commitment (V_AIT)

COVID-19 | Our commitment (V_COMECO)

COVID-19 | Our commitment (V_BFF)

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