Brown Fintube France SA (BFF) received exclusive 360 ° support from the LRQA.

 Collaboration BFF et Loyd's Register.
Published the 4 January 2022
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Our Brown Fintube France SA (BFF) entity benefited from exclusive support from LRQA (formerly Lloyd’s Register)in its premises in Thonon les Bains (74) for more than a year. The presence of an LRQA resident inspector has enabled us to maintain, despite the load, a high level of quality, to anticipate manufacturing risks by studying technical requirements and to reassure our customers through technical assistance and the advice given.


Support at all times.

Upstream of this collaboration with the LRQA, we had several organizational and financial goals: smooth out peak loads, avoid the usual notice periods and control various monitoring costs.

In the context of a busy year 2020, marked by the manufacture of Stamp U and CE devices for contracts with very high requirements in terms of inspection and follow-up in manufacturing, the support of the LRQA has been a real value. added for the following commands:

  • Arctic LNG2: 15 Stamped U equipments destined for Russia with real constraints regarding the operating environment (very low temperatures) and external loads.
  • Rehabilitation of the Dakar Refinery: 4 CE devices manufactured and inspected in strict compliance with regulations and contract requirements.

All our certifications can be viewed here.

ISO Certification

Many advantages for our company Brown Fintube France SA.

The presence of the LRQA in our premises has been beneficial for our teams both in optimizing the consideration of normative developments, the increase in skills internally, but also the improvement of our organization thanks to the implementation of real-time monitoring.

This support also had a positive impact on the accessibility of our inspectordue to the proximity on site and therefore facilitating daily exchanges between the inspector and our teams. In general, we have noted a better understanding and apprehension of our rigour and our willingness to meet regulatory or contractual requirements from our inspectors.

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